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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

holly daze

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Now that the end of the year holiday spirits have surpassed us last December and encroached an entirely new year upon us, I hope everyone snaps out of whatever dazes that have been overpowering them and makes the most of 2k13. T'is the time for new mindsets, new attitudes, new understandings, and everyday new beginnings. With these on your plate, you're bounded for new opportunities that may have never crossed your path otherwise. As I've mentioned first on that list, it all starts with your mindset. The way you think really shapes your habits, and habits mold character. Let 2013 be a year of broadening your horizons. Be open to trying new things for new chapters of your life to unfold. Of course, this entails taking on new risks. Lot's of people may live by the saying of, "Better safe than sorry," but really.... When it comes down to it, you only grow and discover what kind of person you truly are at the brinks of your comfort zone. Move toward that blinding light of discomfort, and viola! You just never know what awaits you...

Inspiration only rewards the courageous. So be daring.