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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Star-spangled Banner

Two must haves in my closet?  Thigh Highs and Oversized.

Sure, it's not sexy tight clothing but it's well beyond comfort.... and trust me, comfort can sure make a girl feel damn sexy. I'm all for comfort because Comfort builds Confidence. After all, both words start with the same consonant! Okay, maybe that does not entirely justify my sense of reasoning... Anyway, I had a really bad hair day today. One of those days where your long hair just refuses to be on your team, and every strand of hair seems to be screaming, "eff you!". After blow drying and waving, it just fell in all the wrong places so I tossed it up into a messy side updo, which cost me about 12 large bobby pins. I personally think messy side updos are spectacular for days where you want to sport just one earring. Hence, my grey feather earring, which I bought off campus at school. Every quarter, there are random swap market styled booths posted on Ring Road at UCI where actual businesses come to sell their goodies alongside our college campus's student organizations. I'm totally all for these events because they are really considerate of college kids who don't get off campus much to explore/shop due to a lack of cars and what not. Also, what UCI student doesn't love bringing caramel glazed popcorn and caramel covered apples to happily devour while you people watch and clock watch during lecture? Mmmm..

For today's style shoot, I took Chris to a cafe in Fullerton that I'm always studying at. This place is an unforgettable gem. Where is it? Come study with me, and you'll find out!

ps. Good night my fellow Americans.

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Monday, May 23, 2011

there's no place like home

If anyone knows anything about me, they would know that I am a camera junkie. The only reason I ever even contemplated about getting the I-phone was for the Instagram App, which is still amazing by all means. That was until I discovered the better features, that I preferred, on the mytouch 4g. When my best friend, Cathy, got her Iphone, I demanded she download all these cool picture apps, including the Instagram, asap. Happily, she loves these type of apps as much as I do! I get so excited when people actually love the camera apps that I introduce them to.

Anyway, I've always had an undeniable thing for vintage... everything.  When it comes to photography, lomography is my top love. With technology ever enhancing the world, all these neat photo editing phone apps are unraveling. Even though, they can't quite compare to the magical grainy detailed quality of pure film, they do produce some awesome photos! The photos above were taken on my phone with the picplz app, which is apparently the closest thing in the Android Market to the Instragram app. I don't think it's better, but it will definitely suffice! I decided to test it out with some snapshots of my room since, you know, there's no place like home...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elevate Character, Stay Limitless

This last image is my self reminder of many things. I hope to look back at this, maybe thirty years from now, and remember exactly what that self reminder was without having to blog it here word for word. Anyway, it's currently 1:00 a.m, and I am up relentlessly pondering about everything in my current stage of life except my midterm tomorrow morning. Guilty... but I'm sure countless college students can relate. ahem

These shots were taken at a studio with the help of my talented friend Sean, his beautiful girlfriend Carolyn, and my one of a kind best friend, Cathy. Just thought I'd establish my thank you notes. <3

PS. I really hope Sean doesn't mind the fact that I touched up these photos like the photoshop amateur I am.

Good night, World. 

Photo Credits: Sean Godoy


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.

 Every year, this Irvine area brightly blooms into a field of gold 
as Spring brings beauty to life. 
Breathtaking, really.

Since Springtime is coming to an end, I insisted on snapping a few shots here before the gold rusts to dust, and our Southern California heat drums up Summer. It was quite an adventure reaching our destination, but, worth it nevertheless! I'll keep that silly adventure between me and my photographer. With Mothers' Day just this past weekend, I think it's necessary to mention my love for my amazingly adorable Mother and, last but not least, Mother Nature. Other than that, Midterms just wrapped up, and I can't wait for Finals to unfold.
Maybe then will I be able to blog a bit more.... 
At least, I hope so! 

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon