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Friday, February 15, 2013

building bridges

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day and took the opportunity to spend it with the people they love whether it was a significant other, best friends, or family. Valentine's Day shouldn't be shunned as Singles' Awareness Day because that's too pessimistic of a mindset in my books. Nonsense. Instead, it should be perceived in a genuine light of love, and, when it comes to real love, you can love anyone... or anything! Hobbies should also be given the chance at your love for the day. I mean, why not? 

Explore your loves in life for the sake of seeking passion. 

Regardless of how you spent your holiday, I wish all the epiphany that everyday forth should be spent doing the things you love most and surrounding yourself with only people that uplift and inspire you is of a necessity. People that show any effort contributing toward your happiness, whether it's a simple "how are you" text or a cute well-planned surprise. Those are the people worth your time and thought. Those are the people that will help you build better, bigger bridges in your future. Why waste energy and brain space burning bridges when you can dwell in the possibilities ahead? It's this type of positivism that'll leave you with utmost happiness in the end wherever you stand in life. Try it. 
You'll thank me later.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

essence of curiosity

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

I find infinite beauty in the genuine curiosity that toddlers behold in the earliest stages of life. It's from their curious nature that their minds passionately expand with constant knowledge of lessons learned. It's this essence of curiosity that I wish humans never lose throughout their lifetime regardless of age. Yes, as we mature, it's inevitable that people become more judgmental or at least conscience of others' opinions. But in order to live life to the fullest, you must put all that aside and embrace your curious nature. 
Life is trial and error. 

Don't be afraid to ask others' for advice that gear toward your desires in life. As for those who get asked, don't be so quick to judge the curious seekers as creepy or whatever nonsense. Placing negative viewpoints on these wanderers only makes you ignorant at the least. Be more receptive to such inquiring minds because you might find yourself in the same restless shoes one days. 

If you fail at something, move forward and simply grace that experience as a lesson learned to better your next attempt or even take up a new route. For heavens' sake, take action and do things you never thought of doing before because your life isn't going to just magically fulfill itself. Are you content with living your life admiring others pursue your dreams? If not, do something about it. 
Get into that spotlight and create your own runway.

Not all who wander are lost.
Keep an open mind, and always welcome curiosity.