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Monday, March 11, 2013

lost tribes

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Studies show that people change every seven years at the least. With that being so, "forever" isn't really forever, which can be applied to relationships and friendships. As we age, we find ourselves branching out more toward others with more familiar interests, personalities, lifestyles... similarities. It's only inevitable. Don't be upset by lost friendships that naturally unfold with gradual changes. Those are the best kind of losses, the most soothing as they give time for understanding, time for clarifications. Grasping these factors should also elevate more acceptance and ultimately happiness in realizing who you are today has a lot to do with who you used to surround yourself with and who you go on to pursue. We are all victims of surrounding influences, if not social influences. Everyday surroundings, including individuals who simply walk pass you unexpectedly, have an underlying impact on your soul if you paid them any attention. Hence, every single day should be spent with unlimited awareness and appreciation of the little things in life. You should live your life with genuine kindness even toward certain strangers, like offering a helping hand to someone you don't know, without any expectations of returns. A lot of real heroic stories involve some recollection of an act of kindness from strangers when they least expected it. With that being said, you just never know who you might influence and how your contribution can eventually make the world a better place, literally. 

When someone gifts your life with thoughtfully kind gestures, remember them

Never forget the people who helped you get where you are. 
Never forget your roots. 
Let positive vibes flow forward.