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Monday, April 30, 2012

picks of the harvest

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to check out the "Picks of the Harvest 2012" showcase in Culver City of work from numerous young contemporary artists. It was a rather distinctive display of some real unique work. The ones I found most flavorful are the ones posted above. 

Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the dark side

Photo Credits: Daniel Han

"When it hurts, let it hurt. Let it hurt bad.

I was giving a friend, who's in a lot of pain, some advice other day...
I realized sometimes it can be a good idea to let the pain hurt because it's all worth an experience of a lifetime. It's life experiences that help you grow, make you stronger, and mold you into who you are today, tomorrow, forever. Without these experiences, you'd be naive, vulnerable, and lord knows what... You should grasp your downfalls in life as lessons to learn from, to benefit from. Learn to not repeat the same mistakes and benefit by knowing better to do better the next time, if there is a next time. 

Everything is what you make of it, and you don't have to make everything a big deal. 
You can take the "bads" in life and view them in a positive light.
It's all up to you, really.

In the end, it's how you deal with life that matters. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

snake den

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Rise and shine.
Be thankful of daylight because it signifies and amplifies life. It's these hours in a day where society is most productive and safe.. Imagine a world of pure darkness.
How different your everyday lifestyle would be, how different our lands would be..
The world would be deprived of natural daytime beauties.
Imagine... just imagine.

Be thankful of what you have
... before you lose it.

In this cold world, don't forget to add your own shine,
your own spark, your own touch,
don't forget to help make this world a better place.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

nature goes her own way

(DIY fringe top, ebay arm band, Steve Madden boots)
Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

It's not necessarily always about power. I believe that the root reason behind a lot of society's most absurd actions comes down to the concept of control. Everyone wants to stay in control of their own lives, at the least. It's when we lose control ... of love, career goals, family relations, friendships, and life as a whole... that the most immense underlying human emotions are triggered. That's when we feel all that we possibly can feel...

Anyway, there are two things in life that we can't control.
1) Time.
Not just the duration of hours in a day, but every quality moment of impact in your life that goes unforgotten.. every memory that your brain decides to treasure or to bury. With time being irreplaceable, the way you spend your days becomes so unbelievably significant. Time isn't just money. It's valuable beyond belief, which is why I like to live in the moment. If you live as if there is no tomorrow on the regular, you'll wind up being more productive and appreciative of your life. I'm not promoting constantly busy lifestyles. I just like to stay on the go yet still make time to take a few breadths of fresh air to smile at the world and enjoy my life. 

2) Nature
The other uncontrollable thing worth mentioning, appreciating, and admiring is nature. Nature always goes her own way.. There's no stopping her, and let's face it... Our weather forecasts struggle to accurately predict her moves. Society has been on this "go green" phase in hopes of altering any devastating courses that may put humanity at risk. Don't get me wrong, it's a good cause.. I just feel like people need to genuinely be more attentive and fond of Mother Nature's everlasting beauty from the start.
I like to tell people, "Always be aware of your surroundings." 
You just never know when you'll stumble upon a breathtaking work of nature or even hidden city gems. 

If you take these simple words of advice to heart and end up discovering more to life, 
you can thank me later. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sly on the slits

This past week has been full of spontaneous carefree adventures, and I love it! From San Diego to Mexico, Los Angeles, Vegas to Culver City, Laguna Beach, etc. If there's one thing I've always followed, it's to 
live in the moment, live as if there's no tomorrow. 
You should always take advantage of your youth because ... 
Let's face it, you just won't be as energetic one day down the line or ... 
or you just never know if tomorrow will even be guaranteed. 
Friends and I recently tried to break into an abandoned building to steal a life size robot the other day... Mission failed but the adrenaline of running from alarms was well worth it. Hah. 

Hope everyone is loving life as much as I have been lately!