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Friday, April 12, 2013

Denim denim denim! by Karl Kani

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

When given a pair of purple jeans to style, my first thoughts were "Hmm, I rarely ever wear jeans.. but Purple denim in particular? That's definitely a first on my list... Purple, purple.. that's so out of this world to me!

Then that's when it hit me: "Out of this world." I'd like to associate purple with something astronomical, something galactic, something strangely beautiful. Hence, I topped my purple denim off with a fierce, galactic top that I picked up from thrifting a little while back. You can never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt especially if you pair them off with some statement heels. Heels never fail to be the extra bow that wraps your entire fit up nicely, making your presence more of a present, if you know what I mean! Oh, the basics and sexy simplicity. 

These Karl Kani Jeans though! Thank you Karl Kani for such a surprisingly comfortable, smooth feel fit. I could have sworn I felt even slimmer in them just by the way they perfectly hugged my limbs. The colors of the purple denim and printed grey denim on Joann are also quite exquisitely, appealing to the eyes. Even though my pants were purple and Joann's grey denim had a sparkling, leopard print to them, the choice of colors that Karl Kani designed them with are very mature and tamed overall, which makes them a great everyday pair. It's like the perfect concurrence between wildly cool yet grown for business. It all makes sense seeing how Karl Kani is a fashion designer for Hip Hop influenced clothing lines. 

 As my denim came pinned with a tag that read, "Live Life Love Denim," I thought it was very coincidental that I got to shoot these Karl Kani jeans with my girl, Joann Doan, owner of Love Fashion Live Life. Her blog is definitely worth checking out for all the latest and local fashion related events alongside her effortlessly cute outfits! With her quirky persona and high energy beaming through all her blogposts, you won't be disappointed. 

P.S. Isn't the random puppy in the last photo undeniably adorable? He wanted a little photoshoot action, and we sure couldn't say no to such a face.