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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Senhoa Statement

Photo Credits: Paul Nguyen

What screams GLAM better than crystals? 
 The Chantrea, an ever-enchanting piece designed by Coco Rocha for SENHOA. Made with smoky translucent Swarovski crystals and elaborate metalwork, this ravishing item alludes a seductively strong yet romantic aura on any daring woman that bares it. As if a form fitting outfit, consisting of crop top and asymmetrical business-like skirt, didn't make me feel as though I was embracing my womanly curves enough. When I styled the outfit around The Chantrea, the necklace defiantly wrapped my presence together, making me feel like a very bold yet beautiful Senhoa Statement. The way its metal work unravels multiple chains of delicacy and strings together sharp, dazzling yet smoky crystals makes this item an altogether conquering piece. It screams more than just glam. It highlights leadership, domination, success, and the foxy yet elegant attributes of a female, entwined with a sense of classy moderation. With its clear to silver and black shades, The Chantrea stands to be a not just breathtaking jewelry, but an affirmation of what every modern-day woman should aspire to be.

Thank you SENHOA for such...
Pure Magnificence.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Accessorize Your Conscience - SENHOA

Photo Credits: Paul Nguyen
FABLE PORTRAITS: { portfolio / facebook }

Wearing the Julie Ragolia Collection for SENHOA.
The Iquitos Bracelet : A hand-braided Kumihimo cord with a divine crystal rock by Swarovski Elements snugly embedded and centered within its fine braid. Enjoined at the ends by just enough brass chain, this simple yet classy piece proves undoubtedly worthy of any outfit. I definitely see this bracelet's potential in being a daily touch to any  female or male's daily or night wear. 
- The Long-Short Bolo : Also a hand-braided rope in Kumihimo style with antique brass chains uniquely defining this bolo tie. The fact that the center piece is adjustable to preference makes the item convertible to to either a shorter or longer neck accessory. I felt the tie looked appealing with the mid-piece slid higher upward above the chains, making it resemble a lariat. 
Thank you SENHOA for the opportunity to style these pieces

Accessories that conveniently adjust to being worn more than one way are a thumbs up in my book. Flexibility is always a plus. Speaking of which, I thought I'd introduce a friend's upcoming photography business called Fable Portraits. The creator and camera eye, Paul Nguyen, is a self-taught, aspiring photographer of splendid adaptability as he not only goes with the flow of events, but initiates the flow of ideas on any photoshoot set. With peculiar passion and excitement, he makes not just the most of any setting, but the best. Now when I mention any setting, I mean it literally. The man is more than willing to drive/fly miles away from home for the sake of a good photo. When there's no hesitation behind one's dedication, that's when you know their conscious is fully pledged to their work. Kudos to you, Paul.

A thriving conscious of curiosity and vision should never be ignored. Stay in tune with yourself and pursue whatever makes you happiest. You never know when your curiosity and vision can go hand-in-hand and lead you toward better discoveries of life and self-knowledge. That's the thing: you just never know

Anything can happen. 
Free your soul.
Stay inspired.

Monday, May 6, 2013

ship wrecked

Photo Credits: Chris Canon

Not everything in life pans out as expected. You've got to make room for surprises. Only then can you be happy and stay happy. It all really just boils down to perspective. Make the most of everything that crosses your path, whether it's a good surprise or a bad one. There's always a lesson to be learned.

Different viewpoints are the core of everything considered a "problem" in life. I tend to emphasize that if you can't change or fix a problem, you should consider changing the way you think about it. Then alter your attitude. Whatever the change may be, change for the better.

When the truth hurts, face it.
Acknowledge it. Then either accept it or work with it.
You can let the truth hurt you or benefit you.
It's all about character. Are you the type to get bitter or better?

With those thoughts laid out, reanalyze your character. Think over your past mistakes and what not but don't dwell. Allow yourself to calmly piece together phases of life in order to realize how your life has come to be the way it is. Then be grateful. Grateful to have embraced such life experiences and faces. With an embedded appreciation for everything in life, move forward with an open mind and contribute that characteristic of yours to others. Inspire others. Inspire them to be the type of person YOU want to meet.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion Dates

These past two months of March and April were definitely wrapped up with passes to some creative fashion shows and inspirational energy. With LA Fashion Week 2013 and OC Fashion Week 2013 marking up the calendars, I couldn't retain my excitement for just having the opportunity to engage in something I am actually passionate about with good people of common values like Joann, the mastermind behind Love Fashion Live Life. To top it off, I was able to get acquainted with other like-minded style enthusiasts and bloggers like those pictured above: All Glammed Up, The Dressy Chick, Carnetta Sheffield, & tnt-Tauna. Looking forward to seeing them more often at future events!
 The chance to constantly meet other bloggers AND witness designers showcase their works of art on the runway.
Who wouldn't want to attend such events?

Now that I've mentioned creativity..
At the most recent event, the OC Fashion Showcase founded by Deanna Hodges and hosted at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, there were two peculiar outfits that were very eye catching. My attention fell very keenly toward the fact that these outfits were crafted out of recyclables: a good grip of OC Weekly magazines and safety pins!
Wait, what? Yeah, that's right!
At first I thought the long, draping safety pin dress was made out of beads until some close up photos taken by Jonathan Roberts of JRgallerys revealed that I was pleasantly deceived. Who knew newspaper and safety pin materials could make such elegant, stylish pieces?
Mind-blowing awesomeness.

Below are some video clips of a few more pieces I also thought made a very memorable impression in person. With the first two clips coming straight off my phone, here's a recap of some majestically, dark romance pieces designed by Ina Soltani showcased at LA's Vibiana. Ina Soltani initiated her showing with a fluent violinist and dainty ballerina to set off the mood, which I found to be rather delicate in taste.

Lastly, here's a great recap of the Haute Couture showcase in Laguna Beach with amazing Indian-influenced pieces by designer, Rohini Bedi. When these elevated models walked pass us, I couldn't help but take a step back to embrace how breathtaking and meticulously detailed the gowns were.

Fashion Dates have inevitably fallen into a category of my favorite dates.
Thanks Jo <3