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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Souls

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

(Slave chain arm band - Papers & Peonies // Wide rimmed hat - Ebay // Top - local boutique // Skater skirt - Ebay)

The other day, while cruising along the reckless roads of Los Angeles, I spotted a random sign that boldly stated:

"Be happy with nothing, and you'll be happy with everything."

It was so short and simple that the phrase came off rather sweetly interpreted in my head as I stalled in a bit of traffic. It made me realize that ultimately Happiness is a choice. Many people can take this quote literally and define "nothing" as being broke or homeless.. But then, I chose not to see it that way because someone can have a plethora of riches and still feel as though they have nothing. Ultimately, happiness is a state of mind, a choice. A person with all the money in the world but nothing materialistic to show for it can be just as happy or even happier than someone who goes broke from being materialistic but is happy with all that he's got. I had a conversation the other day with a friend who told me about how some people in the world have strived to and succeeded at making so much money solely for the purpose of giving it all back to society. When interviewed, they were genuinely happy with their successes, their choices. See now, I'm sure those people lived happily ever after, literally. 

Regardless of what you have at this point of life, if you choose to be happy with yourself and embrace inner peace, you'll inevitably be happy with so much more down the line. It all boils down to your choices. Make choices that work toward your desired lifestyle and be happy with your decisions. If you are currently broke, for lack of more optimistic words, you still have the option to do something about it. Don't just dwell. Do something about it. Happiness is the challenge of finding balance between your actions and reactions. Ensure that your train of thoughts parallel your actions and live guilt free. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

summer TEEs

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

{Cateye sunnies - Dee Lux // Chained arm band - Papers & Peonies // Blazer - Zara // Budweiser Tee - Target // Slim fit pants - local boutique // Ankle strap sandals - Zara }

'Tis the season for bbq reunions, ocean breezes, sunkissed skin, legs for days, cool beverages, and summer t-shirts. So why not combine the last two? 
A current trend I've been loving is how, regardless of what you feel like wearing today, topping it off with a relaxed t-shirt seems just right, given the season. Whether you're feeling lazy and want to roll out of bed into lounge-y jumper pants or needing to dress up for a night out with some high waisted skirts, sporting a summer tee can perfect your outfit to the T, literally. 

Speaking of perfection has got me pondering about success. Today's generation makes success seem like a number's game. Some people calculate their success by the amount of money they've stacked up in their bank account whereas others might consider success as a matter of how many followers they've got on some social media network. Like really? No joke. 
With all seriousness though, you shouldn't let these numbers get to your head. Instead, look at success as being genuinely happy with what you've accomplished in life. I believe success arises when whatever it is that you're engaged in was driven from the fact that YOU achieved something you actually WANTED regardless of pay.. If that's not the case you're in, continue working toward this definition of success. Go on and pursue what you actually desire. In the end, success is merely a personal perception of lifestyle. Tune your mind alongside your heart's goals. Then do what it takes to fulfill your own happiness. Don't be afraid to juggle multiple jobs if that's what it takes to get you through those doors. Stay productive because, somewhere down the line, productivity will grant you your success. Always work hard for your dreams and, ultimately, for yourself. Work toward your happiness. After all, you won't be able take all that money in the bank or your Instagram followers to your grave.. but Happiness? That's the priceless stuff that you'll be smiling about in your afterlife.