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Friday, December 30, 2011

Biking in San Francisco

Photos Credits: Paul & I. 

Got the opportunity to bring my bike up to San Francisco this year, so I hopped on it, literally.
Biking in San Francisco was so very different from biking around Orange County. In my area, I'm used to biking along the sidewalks, cruising along the beaches, and enjoying rather calm rides. On the other hand, it's apparently illegal to ride your bikes on the sidewalks of the Bay area, which only meant biking side by side to regular San Francisco drivers. I was grateful for the numerous bike lanes that the enticing city streets provided though it gave me a blend of intoxicating feelings: thrill, anxiety, rush, curiosity, awe, genuine happiness, and never ending fuel for my adrenaline addiction. A week of biking all over the city definitely gave me a greater infinite feel for how society functions over there, how completely contrasted one block in a neighborhood could be from another, the great of a variety of souls residing and giving the city its character, and just how breathtakingly amazing San Francisco is overall.

There was inspiration to be found in every corner we turned, every alley we gazed, every street we walked, and every structure we admired. I'm pretty excited to just share the photos I collected from the trip to let you get a better feel of what it is I'm blabbing about. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their New Years weekend!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

violating symmetry

Photo Credits: Ashley Espeseth 
A S H Photography

Fishtail skirts, asymmetrical skirts, diagonal skirts, crooked cut skirts... Whatever you call them, I personally believe they are a must have in every fashionista's closet. I can only emphasize this so many times.
Can't find any in stores? No problem. You can easily DIY as I have with some old maxi skirts I've left hanging in my closet. Cutting up and sewing old clothes is a great budget friendly way of putting a somewhat new item in your wardrobe. Trust me, I do it all the time. It's kind of fun, actually.

I just came back from Norcal, and I have so many photo adventures to share!
Photos definitely coming soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

rouge rendezvous

Photo Credits: Ashley Espeseth

Got the opportunity to meet up with Ashley for a quick shoot recently. She's such an easygoing photographer to work with! If you get the chance, check out her portfolio linked above. 

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the luxury of free time that Winter Break has granted me thus far.
Yesterday night, I attended the first showing of Irving Berlin's White Christmas Musical in Costa Mesa, and it was quite an amazing show. I was smiling throughout the enthusiastic theatrical experience, and I still can't get over how they let it snow on the audience toward the end. What a way to engage the viewers!
Now, it's definitely beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

headed downtown

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon 

The wave of college finals finally crashed last week. 
Now, I'm definitely enjoying the calm after the storm. 
This past weekend's Big Bear trip was unforgettable. 
Winter Break calls for endless explorations. 
Cheers to four weeks of liberation and loving life.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone else's America

I got a chance to browse some local pieces of art a few weeks ago and just wanted to share my thoughts and own interpretations of what I encountered.

Underneath it all, the human skull has a jawline that's sculptured with a warm smile. Humans have the ability to go about their years positively or negatively, but at the end of life, everyone dies happy, technically... It may be a bit disturbing to think about but, honestly, there's beauty in life and death. Despite the sorrows and pain triggered by death, every soul is freed when this time comes; and, the human corpse rests peacefully, deteriorating down to the sturdy bones and bits that carried all that weight obtained through life's course. 
Anyway, it all comes down to this.. Smile folks. Keep on chasing your dreams and finding reasons to smile until the day you die. You only live once, so you might as well make the most of it. :)

Unfortunately, the world consists of several people, who claim this country is theirs in the most selfish manner. Thus, we have unnecessarily racist people, who bluntly taint the public with their rude remarks toward others... Others, who they distastefully view as contaminants in "their country". Truth of the matter is, this isn't just "your country".. This nation belongs to everyone whose first baby steps were taken on American regions, everyone who chases their dreams and fuels the economy with productivity, everyone who bares their heart and soul for the land, everyone who's died fighting on it, and everyone who's cherished their lost loved ones. 

So in response to the disturbing "my tram experience" youtube videos of racist rants, people like her need to stop claiming this place as just your country because, clearly, it's not. It's collectively "our country." Until you learn to accept this fact, you will only continue to taint any country with your racist presence, which is disfavored by the vast majority. Segregating yourself from society with your ignorant ways only continues to make this country LESS of a home to you, if anything. There goes a saying, "Home is where the heart is." So please give a little more heart and rid yourself of such racist attitudes to make our world, our home a better place. This world is a multicultural and undeniably diverse place, but, with selfishly ignorant people, it will always be "Someone else's America." 

Future generations will only continue to grow more diverse.
Get over yourself.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

perks of being a wallflower

(H&M faux fur hat, Nordstrom maroon cardigan, American Apparel bodysuit & mesh bottom, Urban Outfitters wedged boots, DIY chain ring-bracelet, Forever21 Cross ring)

Photo Credits: Joshua Dearing

One thing I've always liked about Los Angeles is the unexpected street art scattered across the town as though multiple visionary and passionate souls have painted the town red. These photos were taken at the most random places late into the night as we took our chances with a photography adventure. Upon spotting this random flower pot painted on the wall of the first photo, I attempted to imitate the flower's stance.... which got me thinking about the perks of being a wallflower. 

In the very known book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Charlie goes about sharing his most secretive and intimate thoughts via letters to a completely anonymous stranger, who he believes to be a friend. Although most of my friends would not view me as an introvert, I tend to feel as though I can relate to this kid. I would not necessarily classify myself as an introvert, but I do get those feelings at times. I'm sure everyone does whether they chose to admit it or not. It's just a part of being humane. Introverts, like flowers, are not loners. They bloom among others in their surroundings and are acquainted by many akin to themselves. Wallflowers just tend to not share all their deepest feelings to everyone and uphold the aspect of keeping certain things personal. That's all, really.

Anyway, drawing back on myself relating to this book, I sort of feel like Charlie in the sense that I'm sharing my random thoughts via blog postings to completely anonymous readers, whom I choose to welcome in a friendly manner. A major perk to being a wallflower is that, although you may be sharing your views with strangers, at least you are letting it all out... getting everything off your shoulders. It's never good to bottle everything up because every bottle can only hold so much before it overflows... 

Thus, I believe that..
Writing is relieving, formulating all that you're believing.

See, there are perks to being a wallflower just as there are perks to being a blogger. (:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

free flow

(Lolita top, Luna Boutique fishtail skirt, Jessica Simpson Danys heels)
Photo Credits: Gian Carlo Torres

Fishtail skirts are a must have. They stand out in any outfit as their defiantly cut details are undeniably eye catching. I love the way such skirts flow in the wind, especially skirts made of chiffon or some sheer material. Easy, breezy, and beautiful. 

So I've been thinking...
Sometimes it's best to just go with the flow of things. Leave the questions and concerns behind. Doing so may grant you the most unforgettable memories and exhilarating experiences of your life.  
Everything should be fine as long as you follow one rule in terms of thinking before acting:

Rule of Thumb:
If someone were to ask you about it, and you feel like you'd hesitate at the truth, save yourself the trouble. Don't do it.  

If unexpected consequences arise, accept any guilt and learn from your faults.
Just always be true to yourself. 
You know...
Keep it real. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bit of burgandy

(Metropark burgundy wool scarf, boutique slouchy, loose fitting top, H&M aztec print pants, vintage double finger ring, Luna Boutique bird ring, Ebay cross charms bracelet)

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon 

Every girl should own a pair of simple black pumps regardless of what brand they are. They really do add that final touch to any outfit and always come back in seasonal fashion, especially around Autumn. I also think that high waisted pants will always go well with slouchy, loose fitting tops. 

Burgundy happens to be my favorite color.... and my mom's.
Growing up as a family-oriented kid, I'll never forget the way my mother's starry eyes would sparkle with instant gratification whenever pretty flowers granted her simple happiness. Thus, while taking a stroll through Downtown Santa Ana, I was quickly reminded of my mom when we stumbled upon these burgundy paper flowers. I can still picture her reaction in my head today. It was so sincere and so genuinely ... happy. I think the biggest lesson I've appreciated learning from my mother is the fact that you've just got to enjoy the simple things in life. Such simplicity can really spark happiness like none other. 

I love you, Mom. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

extra extra

(Gifted sunglasses from Mother, H&M denim button up, boutique high waist shorts, H&M thin black belt, Jeffrey Campbell Black Leather Glitter Sabine)

Photo Credits: Pacino Oceano Furioso 
Pacino Furioso Photography 

Always go that extra mile...
with work, family, friends, and your relationship.
In the long run, appreciation will stand even if your ties fall. 

I'd like to push this message for the entire world to embrace. 
Okay... If not the entire world, at least the readers that stumble upon my blog. 
Going that extra mile can mean so many things. 

The beautiful style icon, Audrey Hepburn, once said,
"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, 
one for helping yourself, the other for helping others."

I feel that it is very essential for everyone to lend out that extra hand to help others. 
Being willing to go out of your way for loved ones or even strangers just makes life a better place for everyone around you.  Yes, you may have done more work than you really had to... but, in the long run, the genuine appreciation that trails in response to your actions will always mean so much more in life. 
If anything, such actions can even make your life more meaningful. 
Think about it.

In regards to work, anyone that excels beyond their requirements is never forgotten. In fact, people with this trait usually gain recognition for their extra credit and obtain better recommendations for future opportunities. 
Going that extra mile only leads to countless doors of opportunities.
Even if your relationships with work, friends, or whomever wind up fading into nothing more than dusted memories, your extra efforts will always stand out to be appreciated by myriads of the random lives you've positively touched.

Extra extra :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkins come & pumpkins go, but jackolanterns steal the show

(H&M wide-rimmed hat, American Apparel stripped body suit, thrifted sheer hammer pants, Forever 21 necklace, Ebay & Etsy rings,  Jeffrey Campbell Litas) 

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon 

With Halloween happening this weekend and harvest season present, it felt very necessary to snap a few photos at a pumpkin patch just for treats. I honestly felt like an overgrown kid at the local Irvine patch yesterday because, technically, I was the only person around my age that was excited to be there. Everyone else? Well, everyone consisted of mainly toddlers and ... adults there to snap photos of their toddlers. 
Hah. Nevertheless, tis the spirit of Halloween. 

Since I'll be prepping for midterms and reports instead of partying it up this Halloween weekend, visiting this pumpkin patch was my own little holiday spirit adventure. Twas pretty fun. 
Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2011

you are your own brand

Photo Credits: Joshua Dearing
Dearing Film Photography

As simple as a weekly chore that laundry is, everyone's got to do it. 
Little things like this build routines in your life that many often overlook. There's actually so much put into your dirty pile of clothes. I believe that fashion and style can really tell you a lot about a person. Everyone's dirty laundry basket is very different. From the corporate person's business attire to a college student or daily Habitat for Humanity volunteer, you can only imagine what their piles consist of. Like I said, that pile of clothes can really tell you a lot about that person's personality and the details of what their week was like. Can you imagine what the closet of a Cirque du Soleil performer or even a graffiti street artist looks like?  This may seem like a completely random rambling about laundry but the following thought just crossed me....

Life is too short to just dress simply on a day to day basis. Show off who you are, your dedications and hobbies, your interests, or even just what you do for a living. 
Every day of your life is your very own stage. 
You're the star of your life's film. 
Whatever you do, give it your all. Be your best.
Appreciate and take advantage of your age's youth.
Lastly, never forget to seal the deal with a genuine smile. That'll get them. 
Just remember,

Don't mind me. 
I easily find inspiration in just about any little thing or activity.
Thus.... this little random shoot at an LA Laundromat in the most revealing attire I've sported in public. 

Ps. Rihanna's new music video deserves recognition:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what keeps you going

(UCI flea market sunglasses, Foreign Exchange button up, H&M hammer pants, Ebay slave bracelet chain ring, Jeffrey Campbell black distressed Litas)

Photo Credits: Brian Bustos

Can you imagine endlessly traveling with the sole purpose of handing out free ice cream to support artists all around the world? I'm serious, people out there DO do this! 
Apparently, the ice cream keeps these performers going..
What an awesomely careless yet inspirational thing to do. 
Check out the beginning of this musical piece from Twin Sister: 

So... what keeps you going?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stay self motivated

(loosely fitting H&M top, Zara belt, limited edition Frankie B Mine jeans, Cathy Dang bracelets, Forever 21 triple finger gold ring, & Jeffrey Campbell Fords)

Viento y Agua Cafe & Gallery is such a serene spot to study at or share good conversations over a cup of sense refreshing tea or healthy vegetarian bites! Only thing is, I wish this place opened late into the night instead of closing at 8:00 p.m. so that I could just coop up and study my brain out here. Staff is super friendly and, yes, it's pretty much your local hipster cafe in the LA County. I love cafes that proudly boast the works of local artists in support of never-ending inspirational creativity. Yay!

Yeah, so with burgundy being one of my favorite colors, I decided to keep these three years old, limited edition Frankie B jeans instead of selling them off to a trade&sell business. Why? 
Well, even though I rarely EVER wear jeans anymore, I personally believe that every girl needs to keep herself a pair of her favorite old jeans to try on from time to time. This has nothing to do with any traveling pants of sisterhood, swear. The jeans serve as a major self reminder to 
Whenever these jeans become too small for me, I am automatically motivated to work out and slim back down into my ideal size.
A year ago, I did not fit them... but I do now! 

Dear Readers, 
for the love of yourself... 

If you haven't already heard, Oh Land is amazing. <3