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Friday, February 24, 2012


Everyone's mentioned that New York's Central Park was huge, but just exactly how immensely vast the park is was unbelievable. It was definitely one of the most interesting parks I've ever been to. Hands down.
Full of randomly placed dedications, monuments, bridges, and even castles, this park was absolutely refreshing. The best part of my first time visiting was the sudden moment it started snowing in the midst of my wanders around the park. Amazing! Living in Southern California all of my life, I've never been able to actually experience what it felt like to take a stroll through town and have specks of snow sprinkle from the skies and land on your nose. Such enchantment really illuminated the wonders of Winter. 

Although it's still Winter in Orange County, our current sunny skies and warm hues spoil us with beach day opportunities. Random days of rain here and there, but they've been followed up by summer nights soon after. Rather pleasant ... yet, a bit strange. It's like I'm not too sure what Mother Nature has in store for us especially with society highlighting matters of global warming and what not... 
I'll just stay hoping for the best.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

food for thought

I feel like New York's got a bit of almost everything in California except on a much larger scale. Street art on the East Coast is pretty extensive. It's as though all their work brands so much originality. I love it. 

Typically, scholars cite that graffiti tends to deter people from certain areas because it signifies some sort of deviance, uncontrolled civilization, or even rebellion. I, on the other hand, find it very alluring as it undeniably draws my attention and amuses my curious eyes. To me, public art works express freedom.... A freedom to create, a freedom to be bold, a freedom to stand for all that you believe in, and even a freedom to reveal your deepest desires, while letting the world know that you, as an artist, are alive in every color designated in these streets. It's like how young lovers carve their names on trees and sidewalks. Street art illustrates an unspoken message, of which only the artist knows the true meaning behind. A message that becomes so ambiguous and open to various interpretations, which is what I seek whenever I travel. 
It's culture, skill, productivity, stimulation, a realm of escape, and when it really comes down to it...
Art is food for thought. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

empire state of mind


As an early birthday gift, my childhood friend, Jim bought me access to the Top of the Rock, which is an observatory deck located on the rooftop of the Rockefeller Center in New York. Talk about a city attraction! Entering the Rockefeller was exclusive from the ground floor, where dazzling Swarovski crystal chandeliers elegantly dangled from the ceilings. Right off the bat, you enter a historical exhibit of art and architecture. Bam.

The very first photo above pictures the exciting elevator ride that was lit up like a party waiting to happen just for you. Once you get to the top floors, there are three stories of breathtakingly unbelievable views, which you can enjoy from indoors or outdoors. The rooftop was on the 70th floor, which literally felt like I was shuttling up 198394023864 stories just to get there. At the very top floor, I got to witness something I've never seen in my life: Snow started falling from the skies!

Being that high up over the city felt like I could pinch the clouds and float away in the winds. The winds were quite strong this past January as New York actually experiences real seasonal weather that spoiled sun-soaking Californians don't. It was a tad bit scary, considering the fact that I have a fear of heights. Nevertheless, the 360 view of New York City was extremely spectacular and ever so exhilarating! What a way to fuel my adrenaline addiction with adventure.  

I got to watch the city come to life as the Empire State Building initiated a domino effect of light switches over this urban civilization. Honestly, New York let me witness the most beautiful sunset ever. 
Boastful, ravishing, shameless, sensual, magnificently dreamy... 
A kind of sunset that combined every natural high feeling one can yearn for.
I can rave on and on about this experience, but I'll seize there. 

ps. Thanks Jim.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

new year, new york


New York was an unforgettable start to my new year. I've been specifically wanting to visit this city in the past four years, and 2012 arrived with such an opportunity. It's pretty unique how the city runs on subways, the buss, trains, and even horse carriages. I seriously couldn't get over the horse carriages with beautiful white horses lined up amid taxi options. What a dream. 

The subways were quite interesting experiences. Everything that the media overexposes about New York subways doesn't seem much of an exaggeration after actually being there myself. I feel as though I got to witness every possible distinction I would see on youtubes about these subways. I learned to expect the unexpected. From scatterings of subway art and jazzy saxophone or violin players to singing transvestites dressed like Moulin Rouge performers and eye-catching passengers boasting all types of beauty, this city had so much soul. I recall one kid hopping on the subway, announcing, "Hey all, I'm not selling chocolates for a charity or any organization, I'm just going be real. I'm trying to get an extra penny or two to get by in these streets. So help a kid out." So blunt and straight forward. It's like everyone in this city knows what they want and aren't afraid to say it... Let alone, pursue it. Everyone's also in such a rush to get about their daily tasks. Streets are filled with fearless pedestrians who make tourists question the existence of safety road crossing signs. I actually got a little thrill out of picking up their local rebellious ways..  I've ever seen anything like this in Orange County, which made it all that much more amusing. 
I miss it already.