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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

breaking focus

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon 

{ "Bailey" Raw denim - A.N.D. Jeans // Sunflower printed Jersey style T - Ebay // White strapped heels - Tildon from TOPSHOP at Nordstrom // Gold chain choker - Ebay }

On a daily basis, everyone is focused on something whether it's a hobby or pursuit of their dreams.   Too often we let this focus become stress. We forget how beautiful life can be and need to be reminded to simply relax. Everyone wants to "live happily ever after", but not too many actually know how to get there. In effort of providing my readers with a spark of inspiration that'll hopefully get you one step closer toward happiness, I'd like to emphasize three very useful R's:

Rethink, Relieve, and Relive...

Regardless of what kind of situation you face when stressed, you need to rethink or reevaluate everything that has lead up to your problem(s) in order to prevent de ja vu. Such reevaluations will relieve you of repetitive stressors, allowing you to relive your life. Think of every day as a new beginning, another chance at a better you. Why else would the present be termed a gift?

Speaking of relief, I received this pair of denim with courtesy from A.N.D. JEANS and was taken back at how comfortable the quality was. A.N.D. Jeans has taken the initiative of reinventing the feel and fit of raw denim. I am typically one to avoid jeans because of the unpleasant comfort factor. However, with this "Bailey" pair fitting like a glove, I felt good enough to break focus and get a tad eccentric.