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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.

 Every year, this Irvine area brightly blooms into a field of gold 
as Spring brings beauty to life. 
Breathtaking, really.

Since Springtime is coming to an end, I insisted on snapping a few shots here before the gold rusts to dust, and our Southern California heat drums up Summer. It was quite an adventure reaching our destination, but, worth it nevertheless! I'll keep that silly adventure between me and my photographer. With Mothers' Day just this past weekend, I think it's necessary to mention my love for my amazingly adorable Mother and, last but not least, Mother Nature. Other than that, Midterms just wrapped up, and I can't wait for Finals to unfold.
Maybe then will I be able to blog a bit more.... 
At least, I hope so! 

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon



  1. absolutely gorgeous outfit / would love to know where you shop - got those specific pieces?

  2. The top is from Metropark and skirt was from a random boutique in LA down Melrose street. I forget the name of the store, I'm sorry! But the shoes are Jessica Danys in Snake Skin Grey from Heels.com! The bracelet and double ring were from Forever 21. The thicker looking ring was from Macys. (:

  3. id never be able to pull off those pieces. you pick out great items from such general stores / thank you for the kind response. love your look - great style !

  4. you look so pretty babe!
    lovin' your whole outfit from head to toe :)
    where did you get your top? pweettty.


  5. Strange. I've previously left a comment replying to another comment asking where I got the items, but I guess the comments all somehow got deleted? I wonder how to fix that.. lol

    Thanks babe! The top is from Metropark (:

  6. You are gorgeous! I love the photos.