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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elevate Character, Stay Limitless

This last image is my self reminder of many things. I hope to look back at this, maybe thirty years from now, and remember exactly what that self reminder was without having to blog it here word for word. Anyway, it's currently 1:00 a.m, and I am up relentlessly pondering about everything in my current stage of life except my midterm tomorrow morning. Guilty... but I'm sure countless college students can relate. ahem

These shots were taken at a studio with the help of my talented friend Sean, his beautiful girlfriend Carolyn, and my one of a kind best friend, Cathy. Just thought I'd establish my thank you notes. <3

PS. I really hope Sean doesn't mind the fact that I touched up these photos like the photoshop amateur I am.

Good night, World. 

Photo Credits: Sean Godoy



  1. I love ur style! Where do u normally shop??

  2. Thanks!

    I honestly shop at pretty generic stores: Foreign Exchange, Zara, Metropark, H&M, Forever 21, American Apparel, etc. As for boutiques, I go into every one i see. I love browsing through stores down Melrose, Los Angeles... you never know what you'll find! Afterall, its not what you wear, it's how you wear it (;

    The hat in the picture above is from H&M, the top is from Fashion Young located in Huntington Beach, and the long burgandy skirt is from American Apparel. Hope that helps! (: