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Monday, October 24, 2011

you are your own brand

Photo Credits: Joshua Dearing
Dearing Film Photography

As simple as a weekly chore that laundry is, everyone's got to do it. 
Little things like this build routines in your life that many often overlook. There's actually so much put into your dirty pile of clothes. I believe that fashion and style can really tell you a lot about a person. Everyone's dirty laundry basket is very different. From the corporate person's business attire to a college student or daily Habitat for Humanity volunteer, you can only imagine what their piles consist of. Like I said, that pile of clothes can really tell you a lot about that person's personality and the details of what their week was like. Can you imagine what the closet of a Cirque du Soleil performer or even a graffiti street artist looks like?  This may seem like a completely random rambling about laundry but the following thought just crossed me....

Life is too short to just dress simply on a day to day basis. Show off who you are, your dedications and hobbies, your interests, or even just what you do for a living. 
Every day of your life is your very own stage. 
You're the star of your life's film. 
Whatever you do, give it your all. Be your best.
Appreciate and take advantage of your age's youth.
Lastly, never forget to seal the deal with a genuine smile. That'll get them. 
Just remember,

Don't mind me. 
I easily find inspiration in just about any little thing or activity.
Thus.... this little random shoot at an LA Laundromat in the most revealing attire I've sported in public. 

Ps. Rihanna's new music video deserves recognition:

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