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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bit of burgandy

(Metropark burgundy wool scarf, boutique slouchy, loose fitting top, H&M aztec print pants, vintage double finger ring, Luna Boutique bird ring, Ebay cross charms bracelet)

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon 

Every girl should own a pair of simple black pumps regardless of what brand they are. They really do add that final touch to any outfit and always come back in seasonal fashion, especially around Autumn. I also think that high waisted pants will always go well with slouchy, loose fitting tops. 

Burgundy happens to be my favorite color.... and my mom's.
Growing up as a family-oriented kid, I'll never forget the way my mother's starry eyes would sparkle with instant gratification whenever pretty flowers granted her simple happiness. Thus, while taking a stroll through Downtown Santa Ana, I was quickly reminded of my mom when we stumbled upon these burgundy paper flowers. I can still picture her reaction in my head today. It was so sincere and so genuinely ... happy. I think the biggest lesson I've appreciated learning from my mother is the fact that you've just got to enjoy the simple things in life. Such simplicity can really spark happiness like none other. 

I love you, Mom. 


  1. You look great! I really like your pants and scarf.

  2. It's nice that simple beauty reminds you of your mother :) And those pants! Love them! I might have to bite your style on those :)


  3. perfect tribal pants! awesome blog!


  4. I hope this doesn't sound creepy but I always come to your blog for inspiration. You have the greatest style and I truly love it. Thanks for sharing where you get the items.

    PS: What are you wearing on your lips in tghe first pic? Thanks!


  5. Thank yous <3

    Tammy, trust me that doesn't sound anything close to creepy! lol I intend my blog to be some sort of inspiration to all readers and get pretty excited when people tell me that my blog inspires them! (: The lipstick? I mixed Lancome's 314 Rouge with Revlon's Deep Nude.

  6. post more! i love your photos and outfits.