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Friday, March 16, 2012

recently red

These past few weeks have been quite overwhelming, 
keeping me a bit too busy from any blog loving. Sigh.

Next week is finals week though.... In just a few days, I'll be done with my school courses and moving forward to courses in the real world. The most exciting part in that last sentence has got to be the term "moving forward". I'm pretty stoked about wherever my future takes me because life is a journey an adventure I have yet to fulfill. My first mission is moving out and about, which is something I've been seriously dwelling on in terms of picking a city. There's been so much on my mind. It's unbelievable ...

Anyway, these pictures were taken around the time of my birthday back in February. The top photo is just a little behind the scene snap. Had a lot of fun at the studio with my friend Daniel, the man behind the up and coming Sung Han Photography. He just recently got into this ball game, and I can already tell he's going to get far just by how passionate he is about learning and perfecting the art. Passion is seriously a beautiful thing. Every time I sense it from people, I can't help but smile, realizing how much distinctive depth and soul there is to each and every one of us. What's my passion? Well, I'm not going to answer that because I'll start rambling. One thing that's definite, however, is the fact that I still have a lot to learn about myself since everyone changes with time. Change can be a good thing, and time just keeps moving forward... 
Who knows what the future may bring?

Photo Credits: Daniel Han
Sung Han Photography

Love is how I'm lost, not how I'm found.  

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