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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


July 4th.
A day of courage, wisdom, progress, change, equality, and ultimately, Independence
This holiday is not about barbecues, beer, and fireworks. 
Yes, it is a celebration but merely celebrating without understanding and appreciating the reason behind the good times is like carelessly apologizing without knowing what you did wrong. Pointless.
This is a day in history that we repeatedly make cheers to in memory of the founding struggles that made our country as liberated as it is today. Such struggles that sparked revolutionary years of radical ideals that unraveled the way we live today. Such sparks that are embedded in the fireworks that we launch and align with the stars of the sky.. Stars that we so proudly represent alongside stripes on our American Flag. 

Let's take a moment to give thanks to our Founding Fathers.

If it wasn't for this day, we wouldn't be able to be as free spirited as we can be today. 
So go on and be courageous.
Don't hold yourself back from opportunities.
Stand out.
Be radical, be amazing.
Be explosive. Be dynamite.

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon
Yes, Mr. CHRISFOTOG finally got a website up after me pushing him for months..maybe years. Haha. 
It's a great start. Check out the link!

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