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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

wild hearts are never broken

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

Wild Card.
Wild hearts are never broken. Sometimes, you've just got to take your chances and take that walk on the wild side. Face the dark that shadows your fears. Leaders are the ones that make a difference and dare to be bold, giving bystanders something to talk about. So are you the leader making moves or the bystander following those moves and talking about what others do? 
Before you decide, keep in mind that talk is cheap. 

Fear. Embrace your fears. It's not until you embrace your fears that you'll be able to overcome them. It takes knowing yourself inside and out in order to challenge yourself with something new. When you challenge yourself, you'll stumble upon new passions, new desires. An open mind toward trying new things will get you far in life. If anything, an open mind will allow you to love the life you lead. You're granted this one life to live. So, you better make the most of it.

Wild hearts are never broken because, in the end, Love tames the wildest spirits. 
It's not until you genuinely love everything about life that you'll find balance, peace.


  1. jimmy has those spanky shirts haha

  2. spankys has tshirts?! haha what do they look like?