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Thursday, December 27, 2012

he-ARTFUL texas

Seeing how the new year is right around the corner, I realized I needed to get the rest of these 2012 posts up before it's too late. Hence, here's the plethora of street art that Jim and I stumbled upon in Texas. As I believe I mentioned in my last post, Deep Ellum had a little public exhibit hosted by the crossroads, which was pretty neat to wander around in the midst of the chilly nights as we did. 

Anyways, hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday season and congrats on surviving yet another "End of the World"! It's real amusing to see the extremes that some people will take up in full belief of something. As a bit ridiculous as I found it to all be, personally, the fact that society is willing to die for a belief is a beautiful thing. But like all beautiful things, your belief system needs to be well rested with a backbone of validity and reasoning. Otherwise, your beliefs can leave you astray, falling victim to unknown evils in the world, who wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of you.  Common sense isn't as common as it should be all the time. 
Really though. Can't wait to survive another one... 

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