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Friday, June 21, 2013

Orange you Bold

Photo Credits: Paul Nguyen

{Leather Jacket - Shop Angl // Off shoulder top - Thrift // Zara skort - Ebay // Gold belt - Ebay // Round Sunnies - DeeLux // Lucite Strapped Ankle Heels - GoJane}

Got another round of shots with Photographer Paul Nguyen, and, I must admit, he is killing it! I once stumbled upon this location and have always wanted to shoot here. However, I never remembered the name of the place from so long ago. Next thing you know, Paul had an idea to drive us here and viola! Fate.
 I swear, great minds think alike.

Anyway, with summer on the menu, I felt the need to get more electrifying, bright, and bold with my outfits. This year, my heart's been rather peculiar toward light shades of orange/peach. To be honest, I've always secretly dreaded the color orange, especially combined with black, because it felt too typical Halloween. Ironically, my high school school colors were black & orange, and here I am rocking the combo years later. Guess that makes me a true LOS AMIGOS LOBO at heart? Heh.

Everyone keeps asking me if this outfit is a romper of some sort, and my answer is no. Scoring this light orange skort off Ebay for $14, I paired it with this similar-shade-of-orange, off-shoulder top that I had thrifted awhile ago for $5. Secret style tips: I actually pinned down the top's front a bit to make it heart shaped. I do this very often, and it always pulls off well in photos. Since the skirt falls on my hips and I prefer high waisted everything, I used my thick gold belt to hold up the skort. Threw on my leather jacket just to counter all the innocent colors, and, next thing you know, I have myself a pretty badass summery fit. 

 A majority of this outfit came from Ebay or thrift store finds that have been lounging in my closet for quite some rent-free time now. Feel free to search "zara skort" on Ebay though, and you're bound to stumble across a steal deal.
This is just another example of how I firmly live by:

It's not what you wear. It's how you wear it.


  1. I'm absolutely in love with your outfit! It's so beautiful and I love the pastel pink color. Haha I can't believe you found got it at thrift stores and ebay ... You must teach me your tricks for shopping on ebay :) Anyways, lovely outfit.

    (I'm a totally new blogger so if you have any tips for blogging I'd love to hear them :) Thank you!)

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  3. i like your post thank's for your information its very useful for me ^___^