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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the greatest

Photo Credits: Brian Bustos 

{ "GREATEST" cap - The Life Apparel // Grey Estelle bracelet - Shop Jami // Black studded shorts - LexMila }

A thing or two about being the greatest..

Regardless of what field of work you're in or what kind of life involvements you're entitled to, you should always put in as much effort as possible. Never sign up for something you can't handle completely without losing your sanity. Don't knowingly set yourself up for disaster unless you truly feel as though you can overcome whatever gets thrown at you in a calm manner. Dedicate yourself... Dedicate yourself, passionately. Whatever you do, do it in a way you'd like to be remembered by. It's all really a matter of mentality. If you learn to genuinely enjoy a lot of tasks in life, you'd be able to not only live a happier life but make life more enjoyable for those around you. If you keep your head strong and chin up, I believe that you truly can overcome anything. In order to be the greatest, you have to get your mindset in its greatest shape possible. 


  1. Wow I had this same internal monologue today. It's so easier said than done, but in the end all we can do is try.

  2. so much style, love your outfit :)

    and I like this song!

    With love,


    1. Cecile, I'm going through your posts, and you're just too adorable! :)