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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

black in business just for Christmas

Photo Credits: Christopher Canon

( Double Gold Chain & Bracelet - Bella Vi Boutique // Sheer & leather long sleeve - Forever 21 // NORA leather pencil skirt - Shuku Newyork // Ankle strap heels - Fashion City Boutique )

Today marks the date of a highly anticipated holiday for everyone year round. Yet, this year, it has a whole new definition for me. Back around the beginning of this year, I booked tickets with my loved one to travel back to the Motherland. Asia, a country of so many family stories and moral lessons that have provoked my imagination yet never had any clarity of vision to me. Now, for the first time in my life, I have made the opportunity of visiting my homeland possible and cannot contain my mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and utmost curiosity!

Seeing how my flight is just a mere few hours away, I will be flying out tonight in hopes of safe travels, cultural enlightenment, enriched adventures, and who knows what else Asia has to offer us! Did I mention that the first thing I'm anticipating is the chance to ride ostriches?! I've never even rode a horse, which I've been dying to do, and yet I'm jumping the gun and going straight for those ferocious feathered birds. Pray for me for my spontaneity may get the best of me.

Other than that, I'd love to wish you all a

VIETNAM is my business, the business.
ASIA, I'm coming for ya!


  1. wow, you look great! and i really like your glasses

    1. Thanks doll :)! Your blog is pretty sweet itself. Love it.

  2. Well you're so beautiful! and photos are great :)

    Xxx Cécile

    1. Ah beautiful? Speak for yourself! Thanks Cecile :)