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Monday, May 6, 2013

ship wrecked

Photo Credits: Chris Canon

Not everything in life pans out as expected. You've got to make room for surprises. Only then can you be happy and stay happy. It all really just boils down to perspective. Make the most of everything that crosses your path, whether it's a good surprise or a bad one. There's always a lesson to be learned.

Different viewpoints are the core of everything considered a "problem" in life. I tend to emphasize that if you can't change or fix a problem, you should consider changing the way you think about it. Then alter your attitude. Whatever the change may be, change for the better.

When the truth hurts, face it.
Acknowledge it. Then either accept it or work with it.
You can let the truth hurt you or benefit you.
It's all about character. Are you the type to get bitter or better?

With those thoughts laid out, reanalyze your character. Think over your past mistakes and what not but don't dwell. Allow yourself to calmly piece together phases of life in order to realize how your life has come to be the way it is. Then be grateful. Grateful to have embraced such life experiences and faces. With an embedded appreciation for everything in life, move forward with an open mind and contribute that characteristic of yours to others. Inspire others. Inspire them to be the type of person YOU want to meet.

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  1. I always look at everything from several viewpoints. Mines is usually the best lol but you get the best result from several synthesis.