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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Accessorize Your Conscience - SENHOA

Photo Credits: Paul Nguyen
FABLE PORTRAITS: { portfolio / facebook }

Wearing the Julie Ragolia Collection for SENHOA.
The Iquitos Bracelet : A hand-braided Kumihimo cord with a divine crystal rock by Swarovski Elements snugly embedded and centered within its fine braid. Enjoined at the ends by just enough brass chain, this simple yet classy piece proves undoubtedly worthy of any outfit. I definitely see this bracelet's potential in being a daily touch to any  female or male's daily or night wear. 
- The Long-Short Bolo : Also a hand-braided rope in Kumihimo style with antique brass chains uniquely defining this bolo tie. The fact that the center piece is adjustable to preference makes the item convertible to to either a shorter or longer neck accessory. I felt the tie looked appealing with the mid-piece slid higher upward above the chains, making it resemble a lariat. 
Thank you SENHOA for the opportunity to style these pieces

Accessories that conveniently adjust to being worn more than one way are a thumbs up in my book. Flexibility is always a plus. Speaking of which, I thought I'd introduce a friend's upcoming photography business called Fable Portraits. The creator and camera eye, Paul Nguyen, is a self-taught, aspiring photographer of splendid adaptability as he not only goes with the flow of events, but initiates the flow of ideas on any photoshoot set. With peculiar passion and excitement, he makes not just the most of any setting, but the best. Now when I mention any setting, I mean it literally. The man is more than willing to drive/fly miles away from home for the sake of a good photo. When there's no hesitation behind one's dedication, that's when you know their conscious is fully pledged to their work. Kudos to you, Paul.

A thriving conscious of curiosity and vision should never be ignored. Stay in tune with yourself and pursue whatever makes you happiest. You never know when your curiosity and vision can go hand-in-hand and lead you toward better discoveries of life and self-knowledge. That's the thing: you just never know

Anything can happen. 
Free your soul.
Stay inspired.

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