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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

historic wonderlands

Georgia has been just peachy. I've been constantly on the hunt for neat attractions that aren't on the typical "tourist" known bucket lists, but that's been pretty hard considering how humble these lands are in terms of extraordinary activities. This town is full of natural life and serene landscapes.. I mean, this neighborhood I'm currently staying at has a creek! I don't know of any villages around home that have a creek as movie-like as this. The houses and buildings are mostly all gorgeously historic or colonial looking, which is a total contrast to the modern day, urban Los Angeles city life. I've never seen so many brick buildings still standing in my life, and the roads seem neverending, lined up with evergreen everything. 
No exaggeration.
 I can't help but ramble on about how green everything is here because it really amazes me! That last photo up there seriously reminded me of a video opportunity for some exotic car commercial. I won't sugarcoat reality though, not everything out here is picture perfect. Some parts of town are rather eerie... but I love it all.

Anyway, I did happen to stumble upon a really neat artsy town bombarded with street/graffiti art that I shall update photos from another time. All I've got left to say is... 
Finding this little area definitely hit the spot. 

More pictures coming soon....

PS. I scored this sheer black maxi skirt for just twenty bucks at Papaya, believe it or not. I generally don't like this store much... However, Continental & United Airlines lost my luggage for the first week that I was here, so I had to do a little shopping for clothes to avoid wearing what I arrived in for days straight ... Thus, I quickly rummaged through Papaya and came up with this steal deal. Woo.

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