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Saturday, August 20, 2011

desert oasis

(Bella Bleu Boutique's Moon Collection dress, H&M boots, thrifted necklace, Cathy Dang sunglasses)


I recently got the opportunity of working with the amazing Mr. Brian Bustos!  He's simply superb (for lack of better words) at what he does... We roamed this fabulous location that he chose after I told him about my styling idea for this shoot that I just had to have specifically him do. He claimed that such scenery would make my attire pop out and, boy, was he right. Talk about having the "camera eye." I ended up loving practically all of his edited results and had a hard time choosing which ones to post on my blog. Thus, please excuse the excessive collection of photos here...

Anyway, I highly recommend working with him as he's professional, highly cooperative, dedicated, and quick with responses. Just above, I've linked his upcoming website for anyone interested in getting some sweet retro/urban vibe photos. You won't be disappointed. Trust.


  1. this is my favorite! you already know ;)

    where is the dress from, love? we def. need to go shopping together when i visit LA! haha. & are those boots from h&m?

    have a great week, beautiful!


  2. haha you have a great keen eye for items cins! Yes the boots are h&m, I love them! Great comfort. As for the dress, I scooped up the last small at Bella Bleu Boutique.