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Friday, December 30, 2011

Biking in San Francisco

Photos Credits: Paul & I. 

Got the opportunity to bring my bike up to San Francisco this year, so I hopped on it, literally.
Biking in San Francisco was so very different from biking around Orange County. In my area, I'm used to biking along the sidewalks, cruising along the beaches, and enjoying rather calm rides. On the other hand, it's apparently illegal to ride your bikes on the sidewalks of the Bay area, which only meant biking side by side to regular San Francisco drivers. I was grateful for the numerous bike lanes that the enticing city streets provided though it gave me a blend of intoxicating feelings: thrill, anxiety, rush, curiosity, awe, genuine happiness, and never ending fuel for my adrenaline addiction. A week of biking all over the city definitely gave me a greater infinite feel for how society functions over there, how completely contrasted one block in a neighborhood could be from another, the great of a variety of souls residing and giving the city its character, and just how breathtakingly amazing San Francisco is overall.

There was inspiration to be found in every corner we turned, every alley we gazed, every street we walked, and every structure we admired. I'm pretty excited to just share the photos I collected from the trip to let you get a better feel of what it is I'm blabbing about. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their New Years weekend!

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