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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone else's America

I got a chance to browse some local pieces of art a few weeks ago and just wanted to share my thoughts and own interpretations of what I encountered.

Underneath it all, the human skull has a jawline that's sculptured with a warm smile. Humans have the ability to go about their years positively or negatively, but at the end of life, everyone dies happy, technically... It may be a bit disturbing to think about but, honestly, there's beauty in life and death. Despite the sorrows and pain triggered by death, every soul is freed when this time comes; and, the human corpse rests peacefully, deteriorating down to the sturdy bones and bits that carried all that weight obtained through life's course. 
Anyway, it all comes down to this.. Smile folks. Keep on chasing your dreams and finding reasons to smile until the day you die. You only live once, so you might as well make the most of it. :)

Unfortunately, the world consists of several people, who claim this country is theirs in the most selfish manner. Thus, we have unnecessarily racist people, who bluntly taint the public with their rude remarks toward others... Others, who they distastefully view as contaminants in "their country". Truth of the matter is, this isn't just "your country".. This nation belongs to everyone whose first baby steps were taken on American regions, everyone who chases their dreams and fuels the economy with productivity, everyone who bares their heart and soul for the land, everyone who's died fighting on it, and everyone who's cherished their lost loved ones. 

So in response to the disturbing "my tram experience" youtube videos of racist rants, people like her need to stop claiming this place as just your country because, clearly, it's not. It's collectively "our country." Until you learn to accept this fact, you will only continue to taint any country with your racist presence, which is disfavored by the vast majority. Segregating yourself from society with your ignorant ways only continues to make this country LESS of a home to you, if anything. There goes a saying, "Home is where the heart is." So please give a little more heart and rid yourself of such racist attitudes to make our world, our home a better place. This world is a multicultural and undeniably diverse place, but, with selfishly ignorant people, it will always be "Someone else's America." 

Future generations will only continue to grow more diverse.
Get over yourself.

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