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Monday, January 2, 2012

where water meets land

Photo Credits: Paul & I.

San Francisco is definitely a city of everything inspiring to the human spirit. It's composed of vast neighborhoods, each boasting rather diverse and profound attractions. One of its popular attractions has always been the Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 areas. Here, you can catch a view of the infamous sea lions carelessly lounging around if you're lucky.  Apparently, 2011 was the 21st year that they've been showing up. I tend to visit San Francisco during the Fall and Winter seasons, which is when the Christmas decorations and ice skating rinks are available for locals and tourists to enjoy. This year's ice skating rink placed in Union Square was completely sold out by the time we stumbled across it... BUT! I guess the manager working at that hour had heart and holiday spirit because he decided to let us squeeze onto that ice skating rink anyway. Whatever the case, I was definitely thankful.

Every year that I've been here, they always put up this huge Christmas tree with large gift displays that are undeniably eye-catching. I'm talking huge... like sky scraper huge, kinda. Also, everyone raves about the clam chowder here. I remember one year, when I flew up with my high school sweethearts (six girlfriends), we grabbed a bowl from every different clam chowder stand just to get a taste of each flavor. Surprisingly, they were all tastefully unique. I personally haven't had my "best" clam chowder here only because I constantly go on food adventures and discover new flavors everywhere. Don't get me wrong, though. They're definitely worth trying.

There are so many photo opportunities! I can't forget to mention the random street performers and costumed people that you can tip for photos. One guy that's always there is the overgrown skeleton fellow as seen above sporting a Santa hat for the sake of the holidays. Local shops and restaurants had their tree displays, as well. What caught my attention was this one particular tree that was decked out with sea shells, sea stars, and everything sea related. Totally appropriate as it is, after all, the Bay Area. Biking around this part of town and cruising along the waters was a much needed refreshment during my winter break.

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