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Friday, January 20, 2012

live for the moment

The photos above are the last few I'll post from my Norcal trip. 
I feel as though I really made the most of my winter break, which consisted of Vegas, a Big Bear Cabin, San Francisco, and most recently, New York. It was actually my first time in both Big Bear and New York, so those trips really hit the spot. I've always told myself that I'd like to travel as much as possible throughout my college years before entering the "real world." Considering that I've never been on an airplane until my sophomore year of college, I've become quite the traveler. It's funny that my first flight ever was actually a solo mission out of the United States and into the beautiful lands of Europe. 
Way to face my fear of flying... Go big or go home, right? Well, in this case, I did both. heh

 To list off the places I've traveled to:
Sweden, Europe, Atlanta, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, San Francisco, Nevada, Rhode Island, Boston, and New York. 
- All in the past four years! 

I still yearn to see Japan, Paris, and Hawaii and cannot wait until such opportunities arise. 
New York was rather sporadic. My friend texted me about a Jet Blue deal on a one way trip to NYC for $100, and asked if I wanted to go before the deal closes. My mentality has always been, "Live for the moment, and live as if there is no tomorrow." Therefore, I hopped on that plane with no regrets! I'm sure glad I did because New York was priceless.

NYC pictures coming soon.

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  1. Wow, love these photos!
    I would love to travel someday to Europe. <3