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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bits of Boston

When I hear "Boston," I think of revolutions, historical origins, change, and, last but not least, street art, which actually encompasses all of the above. A profound figure in the street art scene for Boston has always been Shepard Fairey, the man behind Obey, the Barack Obama "Hope" Poster, and all those controversial news articles bickering over the numerous, thought provoking messages portrayed in his public works. Fairey was and still definitely is a man who stands firm for his beliefs, as he's been in and out of jail for his bold ways. I have so much admiration for people like him, especially when it involves a branch of art. 

While browsing bits of Boston this month, I was stoked to come across some local talents. Boston, as debated as its art scene has been, actually has a dedicated alley for legal public displays of street art. Akin to the one in San Francisco, artists occasionally come around to update and paint over old works with new pieces of inspiration. Most of the recent works are pictured above along with random bits about town. There's still so much art and culture to explore in Boston, I feel it's a necessity to make another trip. Until then... enjoy.

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