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Sunday, February 5, 2012

new year, new york


New York was an unforgettable start to my new year. I've been specifically wanting to visit this city in the past four years, and 2012 arrived with such an opportunity. It's pretty unique how the city runs on subways, the buss, trains, and even horse carriages. I seriously couldn't get over the horse carriages with beautiful white horses lined up amid taxi options. What a dream. 

The subways were quite interesting experiences. Everything that the media overexposes about New York subways doesn't seem much of an exaggeration after actually being there myself. I feel as though I got to witness every possible distinction I would see on youtubes about these subways. I learned to expect the unexpected. From scatterings of subway art and jazzy saxophone or violin players to singing transvestites dressed like Moulin Rouge performers and eye-catching passengers boasting all types of beauty, this city had so much soul. I recall one kid hopping on the subway, announcing, "Hey all, I'm not selling chocolates for a charity or any organization, I'm just going be real. I'm trying to get an extra penny or two to get by in these streets. So help a kid out." So blunt and straight forward. It's like everyone in this city knows what they want and aren't afraid to say it... Let alone, pursue it. Everyone's also in such a rush to get about their daily tasks. Streets are filled with fearless pedestrians who make tourists question the existence of safety road crossing signs. I actually got a little thrill out of picking up their local rebellious ways..  I've ever seen anything like this in Orange County, which made it all that much more amusing. 
I miss it already.

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  1. I love New York! I was there for only three days and fell in love! I didn't get to ride the subway though :/ I love the pictures and your yellow jacket! New York is amazing and I wish I could go to school there :/