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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

empire state of mind


As an early birthday gift, my childhood friend, Jim bought me access to the Top of the Rock, which is an observatory deck located on the rooftop of the Rockefeller Center in New York. Talk about a city attraction! Entering the Rockefeller was exclusive from the ground floor, where dazzling Swarovski crystal chandeliers elegantly dangled from the ceilings. Right off the bat, you enter a historical exhibit of art and architecture. Bam.

The very first photo above pictures the exciting elevator ride that was lit up like a party waiting to happen just for you. Once you get to the top floors, there are three stories of breathtakingly unbelievable views, which you can enjoy from indoors or outdoors. The rooftop was on the 70th floor, which literally felt like I was shuttling up 198394023864 stories just to get there. At the very top floor, I got to witness something I've never seen in my life: Snow started falling from the skies!

Being that high up over the city felt like I could pinch the clouds and float away in the winds. The winds were quite strong this past January as New York actually experiences real seasonal weather that spoiled sun-soaking Californians don't. It was a tad bit scary, considering the fact that I have a fear of heights. Nevertheless, the 360 view of New York City was extremely spectacular and ever so exhilarating! What a way to fuel my adrenaline addiction with adventure.  

I got to watch the city come to life as the Empire State Building initiated a domino effect of light switches over this urban civilization. Honestly, New York let me witness the most beautiful sunset ever. 
Boastful, ravishing, shameless, sensual, magnificently dreamy... 
A kind of sunset that combined every natural high feeling one can yearn for.
I can rave on and on about this experience, but I'll seize there. 

ps. Thanks Jim.

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