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Thursday, February 9, 2012

food for thought

I feel like New York's got a bit of almost everything in California except on a much larger scale. Street art on the East Coast is pretty extensive. It's as though all their work brands so much originality. I love it. 

Typically, scholars cite that graffiti tends to deter people from certain areas because it signifies some sort of deviance, uncontrolled civilization, or even rebellion. I, on the other hand, find it very alluring as it undeniably draws my attention and amuses my curious eyes. To me, public art works express freedom.... A freedom to create, a freedom to be bold, a freedom to stand for all that you believe in, and even a freedom to reveal your deepest desires, while letting the world know that you, as an artist, are alive in every color designated in these streets. It's like how young lovers carve their names on trees and sidewalks. Street art illustrates an unspoken message, of which only the artist knows the true meaning behind. A message that becomes so ambiguous and open to various interpretations, which is what I seek whenever I travel. 
It's culture, skill, productivity, stimulation, a realm of escape, and when it really comes down to it...
Art is food for thought. 

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  1. "a freedom to reveal your deepest desires" LOVE this line. Instead of creating beautiful art with different colors, captivating the imagination, I find myself revealing my deepest desires in the lyrics or poems I write. Its amazing to be able to express yourself artistically, while leaving your work open to interpretation and stimulating the minds of other people.